Hidden treasure legends

hidden treasure legends

Texas has more buried treasure than any other state, with sites and estimated value of $ million. Here are just some of the Treasure Tales from the Lone. Lost gold and buried loot is such a common thing in media. It's a subject that I find absolutely fascinating. I was wondering if you guys know of. Here is a list of places in Massachusetts where hidden treasure and gold are reportedly buried. I just finished reading a book about Slumach's cursed gold, it's a very interesting story that comes with more very interesting stories. We used to go "hunting" for Coronado's Cross, but that was just my folks getting us out of the house. Get ready for eccentric castle-owners, sneaky Hessian soldiers, and LOTS of pirates. This whole thing could easily be some bullshit a travel agency made up to get you to visit Vietnam, especially since we can find no mention of the story before , but if you're a treasure hunter, it still seems worth a shot. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Not sure if the Yamashita's Gold counts. Much of that wealth was stored in Lima up until , when a revolt forced the Spanish to try and save their treasure by moving it out of the city.

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Top 10 HIDDEN TREASURES YET TO BE FOUND Don't make me do this again. The Knights Templar was a religious order of warrior monks formed in A. Crown Jewels of Ireland Confirmed ! The legend goes that on reaching Dalton, Massachusetts, the Hessians agreed among themselves to put their valuables into a howitzer, which they buried in the woods, intending that some of them should come back at the close of the war and recover it. More theBERRY iCHIVE CHIVE.

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Not lovers -- official wives. For years, Morriss and a friend tried to decode the three ciphers, but they could only manage the second cipher the one describing the contents of the treasure. After becoming a pilot in the air force in the s, Fenn regularly flew his plane to Pompeii to look for artifacts, of which he found plenty. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Over the course of doing so, they gathered immense riches and became very powerful. Once based at Dodnash Priory, which once stood nearby, this monk now haunts the road between two villages. Some accounts say there is treasure hidden beneath the mud of the Red River. Unfortunately, Lake Toplitz has dangerous sunken logs that lie near the supposed location of the treasure, making visibility scarce and increasing the threat of drowning while trapped under one of these logs. Valentin gave 11 clues as to the owl's whereabouts, but it still hasn't been. A classic one from Australia is Lasseters Reef, which I am sure will soon be debunked now as more and more of our land is scoured for resources:. And as company after company dug different holes to avoid batman games water, only to encounter financial troubles, the spot of the supposed original money pit has become lost. Over the years, a few especially crazy treasure hunters have emerged, busting up concrete and burning down a chapel in the pursuit of the golden owl. Why, even one of the greatest inventors of our time claimed to see it:. The New York Times. They went for the latter option and had to trek miles through deserts and mountains. Everyone wants to find a hidden treasure.

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